Welcome to the blog

Thanks for coming to the official blog for Gregory Lee Photography.  Forgive me, though I’ve been deep in the online world since high school, I have mostly steered clear of blogs other than occasionally reading one or two.  It might take me a while to figure out all the fun and exciting options. So hopefully we’ll be up-to-speed soon and you’ll be loving all the updates and posts.  (Really, feel free to love them.)

If you haven’t, check out the main website here:  http://www.gregoryleephotography.com.  I’ve been working in the photo world since 2004, when I graduated from Wheaton College (Illinois).  Most of my undergrad work was in black and white darkroom processes in the documentary style.  Stepping into the professional world, I quickly realized that I needed to go digital and have been working in that medium ever since.

I’ve shot for magazines, newspapers, commercial clients and weddings.  During that time I’ve also cultivated my own art.  This blog will probably focus mostly on the later, but you might see posts on any number of projects I’m working on, personal or paid.   Feel free to say hi or give some feedback on what you like or want to see more of.  Thanks and enjoy.  To start off, I’ll post one of my favorite recent images that I took while covering a wedding this past summer: “Under the Rainbow.”

Copyright: Gregory Lee Photography

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